D30 Challenge Days 6 and 7: Favorite Deity and Edition

Alright! With this post I will be caught up and able to do these one at a time from here on in. Let’s get to it!

Favorite Deity

I’ve always been a fan of righteous vengeance (who isn’t?), so I’m going to go with St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel here, Tyr is also good for those times you want to dole out the judgement of the righteous, so he comes in a close second. I like these deities because they give you a wide range of options as a player. As a cleric, they allow you to take on the roll of a pious healer or wrathful warrior priest, with several stops in between. They are also popular choices for fighters and monks, so they tend to show up more in the campaign world then some other niche deities.

Favorite Edition

I’m going to say Second Edition, and I am basing that opinion on a foundation that is at least 90% nostalgia. This was the system in use during my most active years as a young gamer, and when I look back fondly on Dungeons & Dragons games from the past chances are I’m looking back on a game of AD&D 2nd Edition. Those games are a large part of why I continue to play to this day, which makes any argument I could make for or against a particular edition based on mechanics or design a secondary consideration.

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