D30 Day 8: Favorite Character You Have Played

This is an easy one. That would be Sir Padisher, Paladin of Tyr. He was originally created for a campaign that petered out before I got much use out of him, but I kept the character and later when a group got together to do some module hopping he was the right level, so I was able to dust him off and start smiting again. He had the cavalier kit from the fighter’s handbook so was pretty much your quintessential paladin. Interestingly, he also had an 18/76 strength since I was lucky enough to roll an 18 and a 17 so I could hit the Charisma prerequisite and still pack a decent punch in a fight. Sir Padisher has braved everything from Bone Hill to White Plum mountain, often with a rotating cast of other characters at his side as he traveled Faerun in search of evil to smite and wrongs to right (hey that rhymes!). Some of the most fun I had with this character was actually in games where another player who joined our group also had a paladin of Tyr. We decided that these characters had actually trained at the same temple in their younger days and soon became fast friends, swapping stories of our past adventures and making the other players/characters generally gag and roll their eyes with our paladiny righteousness. Throughout his career, he probably tithed enough money and magic items to the church of Tyr for them to build half a dozen temples. Even at high levels, he never walked around with more than a handful of coins to his name. All he needed in the world was his armor, his sword, and his trusty warhorse, Charger. Oh and evil to smite, he needed that too I guess.

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