D30 Day 13: Favorite Trap/Puzzle

I should start off by saying that I prefer puzzles over traps that just kill or maim characters. Solving a puzzle to bypass a trap feels more satisfying than having your thief roll a really good number to disarm a trap does anyday of the week. But I am having trouble remembering enough of the details about that type of trap, so I will tell you about one of the killing and maiming types that I do remember.

In Undermountain there were places where the corridor would be obscured by a curtain of darkness. These functioned like a continual darkness spell that was fixed to that spot and sort of rippled, like a curtain. Most of these were just curtains of darkness that you could pass through without any issues (although intelligent monsters would prefer these spots for ambushes) and some had pit traps on the other side. However, there was at least one that had a particularly nasty pit trap on the other side. Directly behind the curtain of darkness there was a pit that had a gravity well type of effect on it, so that it would pull you down to the bottom of the pit at remarkable velocity (I believe this resulted in taking 10d6 falling damage?). Once at the bottom of the pit, a teleport effect was triggered, which deposited the character right back in front of the curtain of darkness.

How this worked in our game was that a fighter with a torch peeked his head through the curtain (sound’s like a reasonable thing to do). He was pulled through the curtain so violently that it looked to the rest of us as if something had snatched him. Oh, I should also mention that this guy was a big fan of Greek fire, and had several vials of it on his person. So in a matter of seconds our fighter had disappeared through a mysterious curtain and a ball of fire appeared in front of us. After this we tossed a copper piece through the curtain and started to get an idea of what might have happened.

Poor Calvin.

One thought on “D30 Day 13: Favorite Trap/Puzzle

  1. My favorite trap has always been:

    The party comes to a door blocking their path. Inscribed on the door is an eye. Beneath the eye are the words “Draw your weapons and show them to me.”

    If the party presents an actual weapon to the door, they get hit by lightning. The solution is to get out pen and parchment and sketch the weapons.

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