D30 Days 21 and 22: Favorite Dragon Color/Type and Favorite Monster Overall

I went ahead and combined these two, because my favorite overall monster happens to be a dragon. Also, I was out of town yesterday.

I’m a fan of all the chromatic dragons really, so it’s hard to choose a favorite color. I can’t say I care as much for metallic dragons, shadow dragons, or all the other dragon variations there are. Just give me some classic white, black, red, green, and blue dragons, thank you. Out of that crowd, I suppose my least favorite is blue, followed by green. I really don’t think I can pick a favorite.

I can remember my favorite dragon fight though, and that was with a white dragon. I think these guys get misused a lot. As the weakest of the chromatic dragons they are often thrown in as an “easy dragon fight,” and there should be no such thing as far as I’m concerned. So I like that a white dragon was one of the toughest challenges I ever faced. The reason this fight was so tough had almost nothing to do with the color of the dragon and everything to do with the environment. Besides, throwing a dragon’s hit points and armor class at a party in a pitched battle is boring, but having a white dragon erupt from the middle of a frozen lake your party is hiking across is terrifying. It was almost impossible for the fighters to get close enough to take a swing at the thing, what with the cracked ice and the threat of getting knocked into a frigid lake while basically wearing an anchor. At our level, if we would have fought that same dragon in some generic cave it probably wouldn’t have been much of a fight, but on that lake the dragon had all of the advantages, and we were forced to dig deep and expend a lot of resources to survive.

As far as why dragons are my favorite monster overall, how could they not be? I mean, the game is named after these guys! This is absolutely the quintessential monster. When you say the word dragon, everyone around the table perks up. And they get a little afraid. Dragon fights are always dangerous affairs, and it’s rare that everyone who goes into one comes out of it. Furthermore, Dragons capture the imagination like no other monster can. Dozens of images spring to mind at the mere mention of their name. They are what classic fantasy is all about.


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