D30 Challenge Day 26: Favorite Non-Magical Item

At first I was thinking I would take this opportunity to talk about my Player’s Handbook or my dice bag or something else that was technically a non-magical item. But I’ve already broken the “rules” of this challenge on a few other occasions, and I strongly suspect I will break them again on day twenty-nine, so I will go ahead and tackle this.

When I think to myself: what item can no adventurer do without? What mundane piece of equipment has gotten more adventurers out of a tight spot than any other? I of course think of that timeless timepiece: the water clock.

Just kidding, folks.

The answer is rope, of course. I’d say that at least 90% of my characters had a 50′ coil of this stuff on his person, and 100% of the adventuring parties I was ever a part of had 100′ or more of this stuff between the lot of us. There just simply isn’t a piece of equipment more versatile or useful than rope when it comes to adventuring. Fractalbat already did a good job of covering the myriad uses for this stuff in his blog post on the same subject, but I will do a quick rundown. Rope is used to climb walls, set snares, bind prisoners, lower a party member into some dark abyss to his potential death, build ladders, set up a block and tackle, set up a trip line, the list goes on and on. Rope is without a doubt the number one most useful piece of non-magical equipment in any adventurers arsenal.

Water clocks of course come in a close second though.

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