D30 Day 27: A Character You Want to Play in the Future

Any character, as long as I’m a PC.

Since I moved away from where I grew up, I haven’t been able to find a regular gaming group, so I haven’t been able to play any roleplaying games. Recently, I managed to get a group of guys together who are interested in learning how to play, but that scenario has made me the default dungeon master. We’ve played a couple of times and everyone seems to like it so far, so perhaps over time one of those guys will take the reigns and allow me to be a player once again. Right now our group is facing it’s first real test; an extended hiatus due to some circumstances that have taken precedence over gaming. Hopefully we will be back to playing soon though.

If I do get a chance to play, I have no idea what I would do with the opportunity. I don’t usually come to the table with much of a plan. I may have a rudimentary idea for a character, but his personally tends to come organically during the creation process. I guess I wouldn’t mind playing a druid, since it’s been awhile since I played one. Or maybe a specialist wizard, a conjurer perhaps. Or maybe a fighter. Probably a gnome. I have no idea really.

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