D30 Challenge Day 30: Favorite Dungeon Master

My favorite Dungeon Master was one of the first dungeon masters I played under after finding my first real gaming group. His name was Richard, and we use to play Dungeons and Dragons in a small cinder block building in his backyard. The main thing I remember about Richard’s games were that his NPCs really came alive for me. I can remember even the most minor characters, whether they were bartenders or blacksmiths, all seemed like distinct individuals. The world outside of the dungeon felt like a real, lived in place, which was something that had been missing from the crude adventures that I had cobbled together for my friends to play.

Of course, the inside of Richard’s dungeons also felt a bit more real and lived in than the crude adventures I had cobbled together up to that point, and I learned a lot from those games that I’ve tried to emulate. Before playing in Richard’s campaign, my idea of Dungeons and Dragons was based solely on my own interpretation and implementation of the rules, with a group of people who had never played the game with anyone else. Those games in that cinder block building where my first experiences with what the game could be, and what it was really meant to be.



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