Workshop Wednesday: Mapping Disasters Abound

I had been working on a completely new map for my campaign world that I had hoped to post today. After finally getting a good fractal world map I zoomed in to do some detail work on the continent that I wanted to flesh out. Many diligent hours of mapping later there was an error and the program needed to close. Despite auto-saving every five minutes, my map opened as a giant black hole after this and was missing all the layers I had been working on. I do still have some earlier saves though, so all is not lost. I also have the raw output from the fractal terrain generator, so I will post some of those pictures for the time being instead.

Global GIF
Here is my fractal map extrapolated as an animated GIF. Not very useful when it comes to making a campaign map, but cool as hell.
Here is the same image flattened. Much more useful, but still covering quite a bit of area.
Here is the area I intend to focus on first. The area to the right of the left-most mountain range will serve as the deserts of Vagir, while the area across the bay from this region will serve nicely as the location for my other kingdoms (such as the kingdom of Lentir, old enemies of the Vagirans. More on them later…).

This post kind of feels like a cop-out for my Workshop Wednesday, but I’m really bummed out that I lost hours of mapping time to some kind of software glitch. Maybe I will make up for it by posting something world related before next Wednesday, but right now I just want to punch holes in drywall and not think about maps.

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