I Found Some Treasure In My New Dungeon Master’s Guide

Recently, I purchased a 1st Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide on Ebay. Imagine my delight when I found three old character sheets wedged into the back of the book! Below, I present to you one of these characters:

"I rolled up my character at home before I came over..."
“I rolled up my character at home before I came over…”

While he isn’t quite Lareth the Beautiful, Strongheart does have some pretty impressive stats; He’s a true paragon of dwarvenkind. I’m sure all of us had a character or two like this at one time or another. You know, one that we rolled the dice for before ignoring the roll and writing down a lie we felt comfortable with. It isn’t like Strongheart is outshining his adventuring companions in the ability score department either. Neither Corbin the 7th level human magic-user nor Dartanyan the 6th level paladin have a score below 14 (the only 14 is Dartanyan’s wisdom score, which I found odd).

Going by the information in the “Player’s Name” and “Dungeon Master” fields, it appears that two of these characters belonged to one player and the other character likely belonged to the dungeon master’s brother (they have the same last name, anyway). This took me right back to the days when I wrangled my neighbor and my best friend into playing dungeons and dragons in my tree house. I can’t remember, but I’d be surprised if any of those characters had any ability scores lower than a 14 either. It didn’t matter; We had fun. And I’m confident that Strongheart’s player had fun rolling those dice and watching foes fall before Strongheart’s battle axe +1. I’m sure he thrilled at looting the lairs of those monsters, and adding a few more gold coins to the impressive pile of 150,356 that Strongheart ended up having tucked away in his large belt pouch.

These old character sheets were an awesome surprise that have brought back a lot of great memories, reminding me of why I love this game so much.

9 thoughts on “I Found Some Treasure In My New Dungeon Master’s Guide

  1. Ah a nostalgic piece of the past. Sadly I believe that many of my past character sheets have ended up in that great big dustpan in the sky. I’d love to have a peak at some of them again, and I do believe I may have some that match Strongheart stat for stat 😉

    1. Like I said, I’m sure everyone had a few characters like this back in the day. I think it’s natural. Most people get it out of their system and start to realize the challenge, fun, and even pride that comes with playing a character who came by his less-than-stellar stats by honest means. However, it always seems like there is at least one guy at every table (in my experience, anyway) who keeps showing up with supermen that he “rolled up at home.”

      1. I once rolled a superman. In front of the GM no less. He had to accept the results (I had nothing less than a 14). And then, because it amused me, I made that character a total coward who avoided danger like the plague.

  2. This is like the Gmaer version of an archaeological find. And I love how you took the evidence presented and constructed real people from it. Great stuff, man. This is what being an old gamer is all about, IMHO.

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