Our Game Was Bought, Folks (Revised Edition)

Our game was bought by Hasbro, the makers of many fine games.

Executive: “Can it make as much money as Magic the Gathering?”

Other Executive: “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Executive: “Can it make us some money?”

Other Executive: “Absolutely!”

Executive: “Well, then! Let’s make some money!”


Last night, after playing a few games of Magic the Gathering and drinking several cocktails, I went on a long-winded rant about corporations and Dungeons and Dragons being bought by Hasbro. I’m certain that I made several salient and astute points about corporations being about profit and game design being about passion, referencing several independent game developers who probably still have day jobs but felt passionate enough about creating something that they did it despite knowing that it wouldn’t make them rich. I then went and urinated on the bushes. Then I came inside to write what I thought on my blog. Apparently what you see above is all I was able to distill from my scholarly argument.


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