Dungeons and Dragons, Episode VII

It’s no secret that this new edition of Dungeons and Dragons is up against a mountain of ill will, and there are a lot of people out there holding Wizards of the Coast to what could be considered unreasonably high standards and expectations. To many people, the first iterations of Dungeons and Dragons are considered to be the gold-standard of roleplaying games. Several years after these ground breaking products hit the shelves, what some would describe as an underwhelming and inferior set of products were released. There was much hatred. Now we stand on a precipice, and a new edition is on the horizon, one that promises to redress our grievances and “set things right.”

In other words, Dungeons and Dragons finds itself in the same place as the Star Wars franchise. In both cases this new thing, whatever it is, will not be good enough for some people. In their minds, there is literally nothing that will ever be acceptable, and any attempt to meet the standards they have set will be met with derision and scorn.

I’ve decided that I don’t want to approach this newest edition of Dungeons and Dragons, or anything else in life really, from such a position of anger and loathing. That way leads to the dark side, folks. Instead, I’ve challenged myself to judge this new thing based on its own merits and flaws, rather than my preconceived notions and biases. I have expectations, sure. And I can’t completely ignore what has come before when it comes time to pass judgement on this new thing. But I’m not going to start out hating it because it isn’t the game that I grew up with.

I’m going to try to do the same thing when it comes to the new Star Wars movie, and I challenge you all to do likewise, if you can. Let’s try and come to these new versions of the things we love as objectionably as possible. I’d hate for us to miss out on something great because we’ve already made up our minds that it won’t be as good as what we already have.

Help me, Gary Gygax, you're my only hope.
Help me, Gary Gygax, you’re my only hope.



2 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons, Episode VII

  1. Which is undoubtedly the best stance you can take for trying anything ever. What’s the point in trying something new if you hate it before you try it?

    But of course I never really understood the edition wars. Why must I choose one D&D instead enjoying a buffet of different D&D flavors developed over 40 years?

    1. Amen. I plan on continuing my retro-clone campaign using old AD&D modules in addition to trying out these new rules. I’ve never understood why some people act like there isn’t enough room for everyone.

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