Apologies for the Hiatus and Some Thoughts on the Starter Set

I’ve been rather busy with non-gaming things of late, and it’s been about a month since I’ve been involved in any roleplaying. So I apologize for the lack of updates.

However, this absence of roleplaying business is about to change! If things go as planned I will be playing my first game of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons next weekend, and I’m looking forward to doing a write-up regarding the experience. It will be my first game as a player rather than a game master in about three years I think, so I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve looked over the characters from the Dungeons and Dragons Starter box, and I want to play them all. There are two human fighters, an elven wizard, a halfling rogue, and a dwarven priest. I like that they made the dwarf a cleric rather than a fighter, and I like that his flaw is that he questions whether the gods even care about mortal affairs or not. So I guess the dwarven cleric is my first choice, followed closely by either of the fighters. I may push to play one of the fighters over the cleric, actually, just to see if I can nudge one of our new players who has yet to play anything but a fighter out of his comfort zone and in to a new character class. But we’ll see.

A couple if notes about the Starter Box: I have to say that I’m somewhat disappointed by how pared down the rules that come with this set are. I realize that the whole idea of the starter box is to be able to open the box and start playing with the pre-generated characters, and that a free PDF of the rules is available online, but I wish the booklet that shipped with the box included at least the race and class information from the PDF just for ease of reference. I’m trying to look at the rules that are in the box as someone completely new to the game, and in that light they feel incomplete to me.

Of course, I haven’t looked at the adventure book at all, since I won’t be running the adventure, and I assume there is a lot of material in there aimed at teaching new dungeon masters and players how to play during the course of the adventure itself. Even still, I wish this were more of a basic, standalone product that you could use to play a limited version of Dungeons and Dragons on your own with and that isn’t what this is at all. It’s essentially an adventure designed for people who probably haven’t played Dungeons and Dragons, with enough rules included to do just that but nothing else really.

Maybe I expect too much for a $20 product that I only paid $12.95 for as a pre-order. I’ve seen dice as nice as the ones that came in this box go for almost that much by themselves, so all in all I don’t suppose it’s a bad price to pay if the adventure is good. Although, since most of what’s included in the box is the adventure booklet (That’s 64 pages and the rules are only 32 pages) I’m not so certain that my friend and I both needed to buy the starter set.

3 thoughts on “Apologies for the Hiatus and Some Thoughts on the Starter Set

  1. Looking forward to hear your take on it. I am encouraged by the positive reports I’ve heard.

    I want to give it a shot, but I’m in full cash saving mode right now. Plus I have other rules sets on my shelf, glowering at me for not getting them to the table yet.

    1. I’m excited about playing, and since the guy who will be running the game has never ran a game before, I’m excited to find out what he thinks of how the introductory adventure is designed.

      Since your in cash saving mode, maybe your whole group could pitch in a couple of bucks each and buy the starter box. Then you just need to decide who runs the game. I wish I would have pitched this idea, because you certainly don’t need more than one boxed set per group.

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