Lareth the Beautiful is a Monkey on My Back

The weekend before last, I got together with two of the three players who would be participating in the Fate sci-fi game that I’ve talked about running in lieu of my old-school Dungeons and Dragons game. One of the players couldn’t make it, and he may not be able to make it to any of our games (or he will at least be showing up late) due to a conflict in work schedules. On the bright side, we may have another player joining our group, but it looks like this will be putting us back up to just three players and a DM instead of adding the fourth player that we desperately need.

Until the situation stabilizes, I think I’m going to hold off on trying to start a second game and just focus on keeping our 5th edition Phandelver game running on life support. Then, if this new player pans out, I might revisit the prospect of a second game. However, I find myself on the fence (drawbridge?) again about abandoning my Temple of Elemental Evil game. I talked in the first post I linked to in this article about wanting to shelve that game and start-up something completely different in order to diversify our gaming experience, but leaving those folks sitting there in the moat house is nagging at me. As a player and a dungeon master, I have quite a history of incomplete Temple of Elemental Evil games in my past. I’ve started playing this module as a player at least three, maybe four times, with each game running for various lengths of time before stopping abruptly. I have at least as many aborted attempts at running this module as a Dungeon Master under my belt. To date, I’ve never played in or ran what I would consider to be a satisfying campaign involving The Temple of Elemental Evil.

So maybe when things stabilize I will endeavor to pick this module up again rather than toss it on the pile of failed temple runs. If I do decide to pick it up again, I’m also thinking about changing game systems for a third time. So far we have went from using D&D 3.5 to Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. I’m now considering an attempt at updating the module to 5th edition. I feel like this conversion will be easier than the 3.5 conversion, and after fewer sessions with 5e than AS&SH I feel like the players have grasped and are enjoying the newer rules more than the older ones.

I’m tired of this module getting the best of me. It’s starting to feel personal.

3 thoughts on “Lareth the Beautiful is a Monkey on My Back

  1. Dang, I read the headline as “Lareth the Beautiful Monkey is back”. Please about Lareth the Beautiful Monkey next time. 🙂

    My unsolicited advice for growing a stable gaming group would be try to pick a weeknight to play instead of a weekend. Even if it makes for shorter sessions (we try to stop by 10 or 10:30, though last night ran longer) the regularity is a huge plus. We now have a pool of five players plus DM, though usually shoot for six or seven players, knowing that 1 or 2 will invariably be unable to come.

    1. Maybe I will fire up Photoshop and try to conjure up an image of Lareth the Beautiful Monkey. 😉

      I don’t know how much more feasible getting together on a weeknight would be for our group but at this point I’m open to anything. It’s been mentioned before, but I will revisit the idea with my current group. As you point out, some gaming is indeed better than no gaming.

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