#OnePostADayTheMonthAfterMay Day 16 – Man I’d Love To Play Some Savage Worlds

I finally decided to pick up the core book for Savage Worlds, and I’ve been reading it for the past few days, plotting games that I doubt I’ll be playing anytime soon. I’d love to play some sort of Pulp Action game, maybe even something like the Weird War 2 setting. I think fighting occultist Nazis and perhaps some werewolves in 1940’s Europe sounds awesome. Maybe even socking a mummy in the jaw while flying in a zeppelin. Definitely some sort of jaw-socking.

Here is the thing though: I always do this same thing! I buy games and settings that I want to PLAY. Sure, a part of me wants to run a game in these settings too, but when I imagine the action in these games, I’m imagining myself as a character in the game rather than the game master. I was talking to a guy earlier today that seemed interested in the same sort of genres, so much so that he was talking about picking up a copy of the rules and maybe some companion books, so maybe in the not terribly distant future I can be a Savage Worlds player yet.

Of course, running a Savage Worlds game isn’t even an imminent reality either; I mentioned previously how I have a limited amount of time to play games and how I already have a game lined up to run, and how I probably don’t even have a group that would play this game anyway. That’s a lot of probably and maybe standing between me and punching some mummies in the jaw right now. Still, that hasn’t kept me from poring over these new rules instead of reading up on the adventure that I actually am scheduled to run or maybe finishing up the other writing projects that I have deadlines approaching for.

I’m still getting a post a day in though!

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