World Design: A Few Broad Strokes

I’ve been mulling over several ideas for awhile now, some of them for years, regarding a campaign setting. I’ve kept some ideas and scrapped others, I’ve designed and redesigned maps, and I’ve named and renamed kingdoms.

Initially, I was trying to think about ancient history, as a way to fabricate a timeline that brought me up to what I wanted to be the present day in my world. I had settled on the idea of an event that I had referred to as “the cataclysm,” a catastrophic event that had nearly destroyed the world; an event that had been brought about by the reckless use of powerful magic. An event that I had decided was so far back in ancient history that pretty much no one remembered it. Where’s the fun in that?

So now I am wanting The Cataclysm to take place much closer to what will be present day in this campaign world. I haven’t settled on the exact time frame yet, but it won’t be “last week” and it won’t be “an eon ago.” That’s where I’m at right now. I also know that I want the most powerful figures from the time of The Cataclysm, the pivotal personalities that both brought it about and fought to prevent it to represent, in full or in part, the current pantheon of gods. Right now I am calling these ascended mortals The Saints, and I am strongly considering the development of some kind of blood heritage system, wherein the PCs and certain NPCs would be scions of the saints.

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