D30 Challenge Day 24: Dungeon Master’s Choice!

The actual topic for today was suppose to be “Favorite Energy Type,” which I assume means I am suppose to talk about fire or electricity or force or some such, but I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to talk about clean burning propane and propane accessories either (I’ve always been more of a charcoal man when it comes to grilling anyway).

Instead, I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about my favorite game supplement: The Rogue’s Gallery. I actually used the 1st Edition of this book more than the 2nd Edition even though I played 2nd Edition, because that was the first version of the Imagebook that I had access to. Both versions are pretty much the same thing anyway. They are just compendiums of pre-generated NPCs. I got more use out of these supplements than the dozens of others I had on hand, and would recommend either one (both even) as a staple for Dungeon Masters everywhere. Need some stats for those other caravan guards? Need some information on that guy your thief just decided to make a pick pocket attempt on? Need to throw together a band of rival adventurers who are working for your evil NPC mastermind? These books are invaluable when you need some quick information on an NPC who is important enough to have some stats, but who isn’t important enough for you to waste the time creating. Or when you need some information on a guy that wasn’t important at all, and might not have even existed until the PCs decided to make him important.

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